Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Online Web Searching? Ask a Librarian for Help!

I recently read the blog post “How to Make Students Better Online Researchers” on www.edudemic.com and it really hit home with what I am seeing and teaching today.  Last Friday I went to the 9th grade Pre-AP English classes to teach them about website credibility and how to find quality sources online.  Doing a quick online poll, I found that 71% of students in four classes only use the Internet when finding information for a research assignment.  But, do they know how to search? 

The article suggests that it is necessary to teach students critical thinking skills along with any research you assign.  It is your obligation as a teacher to help them acquire the skills they need to search in a way that will achieve the most relevant results. 

That’s where I come in.  I am available to assist you with research assignments.  Even if you do not want to take a whole day for searching instruction, I can come to your class and be available as a resource as students are searching.  I can remind students of how to find credible sources, assist them in coming up with valid search terms, and assist you in finding quality sources for your research projects.  I can also assist students in creating a works cited page for their assignments.  And remember, they must use these skills across the curriculum, not just in English class! 

Not only do students need to know how to find information, they also need to know how to evaluate the sources they do find for quality, validity, and relevance to what they are researching.  If you are planning or in the middle of a research assignment, contact me today!