Library Services and Procedures

This page contains information that we hope will facilitate the provision of services for the entire school.  We ask the cooperation of all in implementing these guidelines.

General Usage Guidelines for Students

Library Visits
  • Students must have permission from their teacher to visit the library during class.
  • All students should sign in using the iPad's Sign-in App upon arrival and sign-out before leaving.  This report is emailed to teachers at the end of each day for monitoring purposes.
  • Students must have a purpose to visit the library.
  • No food is allowed in the library.
  • Any student not adhering to these guidelines will be sent back to class with an explanation for the classroom teacher.
Computers, Laptops, & Nooks
  • Computers and laptops are for academic use only. 
  • Laptops must be checked out and back in via Destiny at the circulation desk.
  • Laptops must remain in the library.
  • Remember to log-out after using a library desktop or laptop to protect your privacy and work.
  • Our computers do not accept USB flash drives.  Save your work to your Google Drive in order to access from various places and devices.
  • We have 30 Nooks available for checkout with an acknowledgment form signed by you and a parent recognizing the responsibility of returning it in working condition.  Each Nook has downloaded books that can be read without internet as well as capability to access to the school's OverDrive library with wifi service.  The Nook permission form is located in Schoology and at the circulation desk.
    Printers, Scanner, and Copier
  • The black and white network printers (HHS_MC_CIR and HHS_MC_LAB) are available for printing school related materials. They are located behind the circulation desk.  Please proofread and print preview before sending your work to the printer to avoid wasted materials. Remember to pick up what you print!
  • Students may use the color printer for required assignments only. Documents to be printed in color should be uploaded to Google Drive and shared to "Jana Watts" for printing.  Printed color documents will be placed in the color printer tray at the circulation desk for pick up at the student's convenience.  Teachers may also print in color for students.
  • A scanner is available for importing hard copies of pictures, documents etc.  Please see Mrs. Watts or Mr. Keim for help.
  • Students may use the library copier.  Users must adhere to copyright guidelines.  See the library staff for assistance if needed.

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